Time For Heroes

HipFire lets you donate to the homeless people you pass everyday, and see where your money went
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No clipboards or guilt trips

The Modern Way

Traditional charity is unsexy, heavy handed, and based on making us feel guilty for living comfortable lives whilst others are suffering. HipFire is lightweight, simple and focused on making you feel good for doing good.

No stealth deductions


This is the end of organisations who silently take big chunks of donations (30 to 40%! - Channel 4 News) for the staff party or CEO’s new yacht. HipFire guarantees at least 85% of your money goes to good causes.

The money goes where you go


HipFire automatically splits your donation between the causes you pass everyday, sharing your money between projects working to end homelessness in your area.

Give any amount, any time

Cashless Convenience

Remove the risk of money falling into the wrong hands, or being spent on substance abuse. Always in a rush? Donate whenever works for you.

See the impact of your money

Action Reports

After HipFire allocates your donation you can see which causes benefitted, and learn more about the work they do for your community.

Coming Soon


Be in with a chance to win awesome rewards from top brands, just for donating.

HipFire Creator

Darius Hodaei

I built HipFire because homelessness is out of control, and traditional charity is opaque or stuck in the past.

I believe people care and want a modern, easy way to help.

I don’t believe in hounding them with guilt trips and clipboards.